Knitwear – A Winter Staple


Knitwear – A Winter Staple

No Winter wardrobe is complete without a staple bit of knitwear. With roomten bespoke you can choose the knit, whether that be cable, fine, Pique or heavy. Our knits come in a range of different fabrics such as cotton, wool, merino, silks and cashmere. 





We have always found great pleasure in doing things differently. We believe in creating products that other Tailors don’t offer, so when we started doing bespoke jeans back in 2012 it only seemed fit that we followed with it bespoke knitwear. 

With a range of different yarns to choose from from, Merino wool, silk, cotton, Mohair and cashmere. 

All fabrics come in a range of colours and various weaves to give you the ultimate bespoke choice. 




Roomten bespoke offers a range of different styles from, V-Neck, Crew Neck, Turtle Neck, Waistcoat, Cardigan, Hoodie and many others. 

You can also choose to have one or more colours depending on the weave of knit you choose, and go for a contrast collar and cuffs. 



With roomten bespoke you determine the fit, making it completely bespoke to you. 

If you have always suffered with jumper sleeves being too long or short and the length never quit being right then roomten bespoke knitwear is for you. 

If you want knitwear to wear under your suit jacket as a more casual work look then you might want to go slightly more fitted and a finer yarn as this will be more comfortable and less bulky under a jacket. 

However if you are looking for knitwear to go with work wear and casual wear then cable knits are great as they can be work over a shirt with chinos or with a t-shirt and jeans at the weekend. 

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