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Ladies Bespoke Jeans,Ladies Made to Measure Jeans,Made to measure jeans


Jeans are a staple in every women’s wardrobe, but finding the perfect fitting jean in nearly impossible. With roomten Bespoke jeans you can have your jeans fit you exactly how you would like. 

We use the finest Japanese salvage denims and the best Italian stretch denims to give you the widest range to choose from. Stretch Denim is perfect for those women who want a figure hugging jean that holds you in all the right places.

With fabric, fit and design all chosen by you, you can create your prefect bespoke jean right down to the last detail. We take exact measurements of your body and will put you in a pair of jeans made from roomten’s perfected pattern, we can then discuss how you would like your jeans to fit you. We use our try on jeans as a block and use this block to form your unique pattern. 

  • We can guide you through the perfect denims for you
  • Provide you with a fit that will suit your shape

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