The Dinner Suit: Choosing your perfect Tux.

Best Tuxedo Suit For All Occasion
Tuxedo Suit,dinner suit

The Dinner Suit: Choosing your perfect Tux.

With a fine line between fancy and fancy-dress, we’d like to offer up some do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing your Dinner Suit.

OK, so you only wear a dinner suit a handful of times a year but do you really want to turn up in a not great fitting hire suit and look very average? Invest in a well-made bespoke roomten dinner suit that fits you properly, using great fabrics you’ll always look good.


Tuxedo Suit,dinner suit
Tuxedo Suit,dinner suit
Tuxedo Suit,dinner suit



Black tie doesn’t necessarily have to be black. Midnight blue dinner suits have been on the rise and over the years have become increasingly more popular. Midnight blue is almost indistinguishable from black, it is only when you see it against the black silk lapels that you can see that there is a difference. If you notice that a fabric is blue then it is too light in colour. 

Traditionally a Dinner suit would be made from a medium to heavy weight black barathea. However, a mohair is also an elegant option as it features a a more textured weave and a slight sheen when caught in the light. Ideally there should be some weight to the fabric you choose, this allows for good draping of the cloth and creates a defined silhouette. 

With a roomten bespoke Dinner Suit you can have any fabric you like and we will be there to guide you and help you make the right decision 



Due to the Dinner suit being routed in tradition, it means design can be limiting. Either a peak lapel or a shawl collar, a shawl being the more modern of the two and looks elegant it its own right. The silk on the lapel should match the silks on the trousers, and this can either be a 1cm strip or you can have a piped strip. The waistcoat is traditionally a horseshoe and should be fitted well to the body.  you can also opt for a cummerbund. 

The trousers should have strap and buckle at the size to adjust the waist if needed, you should not wear a belt with dinner suit trousers. 




Your dinner suit should be well fitted but not too slim. There needs to be good shape to the jacket but it must fit well on the shoulders and sleeve should show 1 cm of cuff. The jacket shouldn’t be overly fitted and there should be no pulling around the waist. 

The trousers should be tapered, creating a nice silhouette. They should fall nicely and have a slight break above the shoe. The waist should sit above your hips, although not always a popular place for trousers to be worn, it is the correct place. 

The fit of a suit is a very personal preference to the customer, we will discuss fit with you and help give you an idea of what the finished garment will look like. 

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