The Chanel Jacket – Modern Jacket or Timeless Classic?

Regardless of how you prefer your Chanel Jacket we can all agree that no other item of clothing has stood the test of time quite so well. This iconic silhouette has become the representation of the sophisticated woman

Choosing the Colour


Although the Chanel Jacket is one of the most diverse, it is important to think about how you are going to wear it. Is it to be part of a skirt suit, or to be worn casually with jeans? This will help you to narrow down what colour will be best for you to get optimum wear out of it.

Some of the easiest colours to transfer from smart to casual are neutrals such as: beige, cream, blues and navy’s, as they have a slightly softer pallet than black and white.

With a cropped jacket (such as the one on the left) you are shortening the torso, elongating your legs giving the overall illusion of looking taller.



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Choosing the Details


Most classic Chanel’s come with an edging trim, but this is not a necessity. If you are going for a more subtle fabric then a trim can add some extra detail. Make sure your fabric and trim compliment each other and are not over powering, keeping it classic will ensure your jacket is stylish for decades to come.
If you don’t love a skirt you could also opt for matching shorts. This would be a great look for the office as both jacket and shorts can also be worn individually for a whole new look.

There is more shape to this jacket than the other images and it is longer in length, which makes it look more formal and elongates the body.



Chanel Spring Couture 2010 show Image via:

Keeping it Casual.


When you choose a fabric, such as the one on the left, it is important to not overpower it. The large weave and varying colours needs to be the star of the show so paring with a plain white T-shirt and black jeans would be the perfect choice. If you choose a fabric that is slightly less demanding, you will be able to play around a bit more with alternative colours.

The boxy fit also works very well, as it emphasises a more casual look and compliments the slim jeans.



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What’s your Chanel Jacket going to look like?

Choose your fabric, design your jacket and  have it made to fit you like a glove!

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