roomten – in the West End

roomten – in the West End

West End Theatres


Not many of our customers know we make bespoke suits for some of the top West End Shows. We are passionate about the quality of our suits, we also work closely with the productions companies to ensure the garments look correct for the relevant play or musical.

Pretty Women the Musical

For those of you old enough to remember the original feature film starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, the film was set in the late 1980’s. With this in mind we worked hard with the production compony to create over 40 suits for the cast based on the style of suits worn in this era. The trousers were a wider leg, the jacket shoulders were and also wider width lapels.

Once the style and fabrics were chosen and designed we only had 4-5 weeks to make all the suits in time for the opening night on the 13th February at the Picadilly Theatre 2020. The show got off to a great start and had great reviews but as we all know 2020 was the year of the pandemic and all of the Westend had to close down!

We’re pleased to hear the show is reopening in July 2020 at the Savoy theatre. We’ll be there behind the scenes making more suits for  members of the cast, can’t wait!

Danny Mac – A very very nice gentleman!

Danny has been a customer of roomten’s for some time now. We’ve made suits for Danny to wear to award ceremonies, special occasions and even his wedding! Danny is a joy to work with, he knows what he likes and it does help that he looks great in a suit!

I believe Danny’s heart is in the theatre, and his talents are very much suited to both musical’s and plays! He can act, sing and dance (did you see him in Strictly?). Go and see him at the Savoy theatre you won’t be disappointed.

White Christmas – Dominion Theatre

Danny Mac and Dan Burton played the two lead roles of this classic “White Christmas”.

After phenomenal success with Scrooge The Musical last year, Artistic Director Nikolai Foster comes together once again with Olivier-Award winning choreographer Stephen Mear to bring this festive favourite film featuring Irving Berlin‘s hit music to the West End stage once more.

roomten’s main role was making the two lead actors look well dressed and sharp in well fitting suits. As often the way in the theatre we had limited time to get the suits made in time for the opening night. We’re pleased to say we delivered and the two Dan’s looked amazing!


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