Made to measure suits


Many people are unsure what to expect when ordering a made to measure or bespoke suit for the first time and this can make it a daunting prospect for them.

Whether this is your first bespoke experience or you are a suit connoisseur, we provide you with a welcoming, customer-focused experience that is all about making you look and feel amazing. Because our schedule can get booked up very quickly, we encourage you to book your initial consultation in advance. You can do this by either calling us on 01252 725009 or requesting an appointment.

The 3 Simple Steps for your Made to Measure Suits & Garments

1.    First Fitting / Initial Consultation – Choose your fabric, design your suit and get measured. Allow 60 minutes.

2.    Second Fitting – Your suit has been made and we’ll check how it fits you. Normally some small adjustments are required. Allow 15 – 20 minutes

3.    Final Fitting – Your suit has been made and any adjustments needed have been carried out. We’ll still want you to try on your suit just to make sure your happy with the end result! Take your suit away and enjoy wearing it. Allow 15 – 20 minutes.

Made to measure suits

1. First Fiting / Initial Consultation 

At the beginning of your consultation, your tailor will discuss what you’re hoping to get from a suit, is it for work, going out or for an event? If you have any images or ideas you’ve brought with you this will help. What’s your budget and how soon do you need your suit?

Selecting the Cloth

We have over 6000 cloths to choose from, so there should be something for everyone’s taste and requirements. At your consultation, you can browse through our cloth books at your leisure. Your tailor will be on hand to guide you through our huge array of fabrics.

Once you have chosen a cloth you like, this will tell us the price of your suit.

Design your suit

You’ll be spoilt for choice, there are so many style options available to you.

Your tailor will guide you through all our style options. If there is a particular style detail that you would like to include in your suit, mention it to your tailor. It is very likely that we will be able to include it.

Measurements & Fitting

In order to be as accurate as possible, we request that you wear trousers (not jeans) and a shirt to be measured in. We have fitting rooms, so if you want to bring a change of clothing, that is absolutely fine.

Whilst measurements are very important, your body posture is critical to the fit of the suit so your tailor will take a combination of up to 50 unique measurements from your body, as well as some notes and photographs of your posture. We’ll also get you to on a suit close to your size, this will help us better understand the fit you want and point out any potential fitting issues.

Placing your order

At this stage, we have all of the information we need to start making your suit. We take a 75% deposit when you place the order and the balance is due when you collect the finished suit.


2. Second Fitting

Bespoke tailoring is an art – not a science, so it is not uncommon for your suit to need a fitting before it is ready for you to take home.

Your second fitting will be approximately six weeks after placing your order for our made-to-measure suit. If you want your fitting to be sooner, we do offer an express service (please ask).

At this fitting, you will try on your fully constructed suit for the first time. Your tailor will assess whether the suit needs any alterations. You will also have an opportunity to provide feedback on the fit and how it feels.

If you need alterations, your tailor will pin the garment for our team to alter. Once the alterations have been made (normally within 5-7 days) we’ll contact you book you in for a further  fitting.

Made to measure suits
Made to measure suits

3. Third Fitting

We’ve made your suit and carried out any alterations needed, it’s now time for your third fitting! We’ll ask you to try on your suit and your tailor will just check everything fits as expected. Once you and your tailor are happy you can take your suit away and start to enjoy wearing it!

Taking your suit home

After you collect your suit you have 21 days to bring the suit back for free alterations. If you notice anything else that needs adjusting after wearing it a few times, please do get in touch. We are more than happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lead Time - for a made to measure suit or garment

Generally allow 6 – 8 weeks from start to finish for your suit to made and all the fittings to be carried out. Need your suit made quicker? We have an express service, please ask for details.

Do you have an Express Making Service?

If you need your suit made quicker than our normal lead time (6 weeks), we can offer you two express make services, these are:

  1. Express Make – 2 – 3 weeks
  2. Double Express – 1 – 2 weeks

We do charge extra for both these services, please ask in store for mor information.


Prices for our made to measure garments will depend on the fabric chosen and style of the suit. Please let us know your budget and we will show you fabrics in your price range. Prices for made to measure garments range from:

Suit 2 Piece – £899 – £1599

Suit 3 Piece £1199 – £1999

Jacket £699 – £1199

Trousers £349 – £799

Waistcoar £299 – £699

Jeans £349 – £599

Where do you make our suits?

All our suits are made by roomten tailors. We’ll cut the cloth, design your pattern and then one of our roomten tailors will make your suit. We have specialists in most areas that only make one type of garment for example an overcoat or a pair of jeans, so to cover this range of products we have our own inhouse tailors in the UK and some tailors in Europe that help to make our range of products.

Where do you source your cloths from?

The majority of our cloths are either from British or Italian mills. The British cloth industry is currently thriving and we believe the UK make the best cloths in the world! The Italian mills can offer something  a bit different whilst still great quality. All our cloths are 100% wool or mixed with cashmere, mohair, siulk, etc.

Do you offer a full bespoke service?

Yes we do offer a full bespoke made service.

Our bespoke suits are fully hand made with a floating canvas. We will part make your suit for a  baste fitting (2nd fitting), At this fitting, you will try on the “skeleton” of your suit for the first time. It is not fully constructed. Instead, it is basted together to allow us to mould the suit to you before it is completed. Once you are wearing the suit, your tailoring consultant will reconfirm various measurements and start to pin and chalk for any necessary improvements. This process is a collaboration between you and your tailoring consultant so that we can achieve the fit and silhouette that you desire.

Once we’ve done this we will complete your suit ready for a third and even a fourth fitting.

Please note the lead time is longer than our made to measure suits and prices start from £2999 for a 2 piece suit.


What's the difference between a floating canvas and a fused canvas?

First and foremost, what is a canvas?
Simply put, it is what gives shape to a jacket and has a significant impact on the final finish of the garment. In technical terms, it is the layer of interior fabric between the cloth on the outside and the lining on the inside.

Fused Canvas

With modern tecgnology a fused canvas offers a really good clean and pricise finish for your jacket. The canvas is fused to the fabric of your suit giving it structure but still allowing the jacket to drape well. We only use the highest quality fusing fabrics, and have five weights of this to match exactly the weight of the garment fabric.

Advantages of a fused canvas 

Cost – its easier and cheaper to make a fused canvas garment and this is reflected in the cost of your suit or jacket.

Travelling & Creasing – If your travelling a lot a fused canvas maybe the best option, creases will fall out quicker with a fused canvas. A floating canvas has effectively two layers that can crease (the canvas and the fabric), the fabric can look wrinkled as the canvas and fabric are not attached.

Clean Look – A lot of customers will be used to the clean sharp look of a fused canvas and a hand made floating canvas will look slightly different, a more hand made look.

Floating Canvas

A floating canvas is hand stitched inside the garment and as its name suggest it floats inside the garment.

A floating canvas is that it is made up of three layers:

•    The canvas itself which is usually a mixture of wool and linen.
•    A hair cloth, which is a springy fabric.
•    A woolly, slightly fuzzy cloth (this covers the hair cloth between the lining and your chest so that the finish will feel nice and smooth).

The shape is sewn into this canvas, and for however long the jacket lasts, the shape will remain. It has to be inserted correctly and carefully by skilled tailors.

Advantages of a floating canvas 

The Feel – It has a softer different feel. If your’e use to having full bespoke suits made you will know and like the feel of a floating canvas.

Longevity – It can outlast a fused canvas jacket, though both options are durable. 

Handmade – Sometimes its just nice to have a handmade garment! This can’t always be explained but more effort, man hours and skill will have gone in to making your jacket.

Which option should I go for?

The best way to choose between a fused or floating canvas interlining, is to decide how you are going to wear the suit.  If it is for heavy travelling use, the fused canvas would be the best option, and it is less expensive.  In all other cases a floating canvas will look softer and more expensive, but it will be more costly. Ideally, you should discuss your requirements with your tailor and jointly decide what will work best for you.

What's a unstructured and uncontructed suit or jacket?

There has been a trend towards softer and casual tailoring.

An unstructured or unconstructed jacket will have no canvas, little or no lining and none or very soft shoulder pads. This type of jacket is generally a casual one, the fabric used will need to be medium to a heavy weight (to make up for the lack of canvas/structure). These jackets suit some people but for others (like myself) who need some structure around the shoulders they are not a good option.

Despite taking out the canvas and shoulder pads they are not cheaper to make, as there are other process’s required to make and finish the jacket.


Do you make ladies made to measure garments?

Yes, we do make ladies made to measure garments.

Everything we make for men we can pretty much make for ladies, from suits to coats to jeans! Our shift dresses are made bespoke by hand. If you need a business suit or a casual jacket to be worn with jeans we can make this for you!

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