Corduroy made to measure suit


A made to measure corduroy jacket or suit should complement any outfit/look by adding texture, detail and important sophistication.

The tough and durable yet soft touch nature of corduroy fabric makes the corduroy jacket or suit a great versatile outer layer

Made to Measure Corduroy Suit or Jacket

Style – Corduroy Made to Measure Suit or Jacket

Forget the geography teacher look!

We’re talking sharp roomten tailoring using only the best corduroy fabrics available. 

Style –  either a made to measure 2 or 3 piece in the same fabric is highly recommended. Generally a single breasted 2 button jacket, waistcoat can be single or double breasted. The double breasted jacket is a great option for the 2 piece suit or jacket on its own, works really well if your slim and tall! The trousers should be flat fronted for a slim fit but if you want a slightly wider leg trouser with a comfort fit consider 1 or 2 pleats. 

Fabric – Corduroy comes in a range of colours thickness’s and finish, so choose a colour and fabric that suits you and how your going to wear it. Feel free to be bold and choose a really distinct colour if this is your thing. Some of our cord fabrics have got a little bit of stretch to it so it’s really functional but with a bit of give. Dark browns, golden colours and greens are really in (2021), but blues and reds are always good colours.

Shoes/Boots – I like a leather oxford, double monk or brogue shoe in tan or brown. But a suede shoe or chelsea/chukka boot can also look really stylish. 



The size of the wale!

roomten’s made to measure corduroy suits are made in cloths that have been worn by Country Gents and Gamekeepers  over the years.

Our corduroy comes in several different thicknesses, which are determined by the width of each individual cord, also known as a wale. (Wale is a very old word deriving from the Anglo Saxon word for the raised ridges in a plowed field. Which is all suitably agricultural, given the rustic origins of corduroy as the “poor man’s velvet,” worn by huntsmen.) Anyway, the number of wales to the inch can vary from 16 in a needle cord to 8 in a wide-wale corduroy. Generally, the finer the cord, the slimmer the look

We still use cloth made by Brisbane Moss a Lancastrian mill that has woven traditional fabrics such as moleskin, needlecord and corduroy since 1850. Collectively knowns as ‘fustians’ these cloths are characterised by their tightly packed weave creating a strong, sturdy fabric that is superbly hard wearing and holds shape when tailored.

We also source cotton and corduroy fabrics from the best Europeam mills such as Duca Visconti, Eton, Bonomi, TBM, Pontoglio, etc.

Corduroy made to measure suit
Corduroy made to measure suit

Vintage & Velvet Cords

Corduroy made to measure suit

Stretch, Reversible and Elephant Cords

Corduroy made to measure suit

Elephant Cord by Duca Visconti

Corduroy made to measure suit

British Velvet Cords

What’s your next corduroy suit?

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