BESPOKE JEANS – The devil is in the detail!

Bespoke Jeans

BESPOKE JEANS – The devil is in the detail!

Bespoke Jeans – The Indigo Kings!


Roomten Tailored Denim is a distinguished new breed of casual wear which marries one of the most iconic items of clothing, the denim jean, with the sartorial elegance of a bespoke suit. The result is a cleaner, sharper approach to denim, with all the eccentricity of traditional British bespoke.

We provide a denim tailoring service offering bespoke jeans for men in fabrics sourced from the Japanese denim capital, Okayama and some of the finest European denim mills. If it’s a new style you’re after, or maybe just a replacement of an old loved pair of jeans past their sell by date,  we have a multitude of styles and options for mens and women’s jeans.

Bespoke Jeans

Choosing the Denim

We source our denims from the best Japanese and European mills, such as

  • Troficolour
  • Kuroki
  • Candiani
  • Intertex
  • Maibom
  • UCO
  • And more

We have a great selection of selvedge denims, denims with stretch, different weights and a rainbow of colours!

We’ll discuss with you how you like to wear your jeans and for what occasions, based on this we can recommend the best denims for your new pair of jeans.

Our denims are pre-washed avoiding a big difference in size when they are washed at home.

The Devil is in the Detail!

Not only  do we offer a great range of denims and colours but we also give you a great choice of finishing details, such as

  • Over 20 studs to choose from
  • Contrast stitching – 24 different colours
  • Embroidery – personalise your jeans by having your initials and even your name embroidered.
  • Different washes – including stone washing, to change and age the look of your jeans
  • Zip or stud fly
  • Fit – slim fit, bootleg, wide leg, you choose.
Bespoke Jeans
Bespoke Jeans

Style and Fit

These are your jeans, so its all about you!

Each pair of jeans are made from scratch, with a new pattern created based on your body measurements and body shape. You’ll tell us the shape of the jeans you like, slim fit, straight leg or boot leg. High, medium or low rise. We’ll do the rest

Once we’ve made your jeans will carry out a quick fitting to make sure your jeans fit you like a glove, if we need to will make any necessary alterations.


Sustainability and durability became our universal brainchild. Notwithstanding, we at roomten consider that it touches everything and everyone. We do believe that sustainability & durability are the new standards norms with only positive consequences.

Most of our fabric mills, located in Europe and Japan are also developing new technologies and finishings in order to drastically reduce the energy expenditure. Our suppliers focus more and more on recycling materials and some even by the practice of circularity.

In the roomten workshop, we only produce garments by order. This means that every piece we make, will be sold an used. No waste, no excess production and no unnecessary use of raw materials. It’s one of the cleanest ways to produce garments.

Working as a team, we all think and put in place solutions in a respectful social atmosphere. And, we pay a strong attention regarding social rules, working hours and salary for all workers.

No ifs, no buts for those matters at roomten

Bespoke Jeans

What’s your next pair of jeans going to look like?


Choose your fabric, design your jeans and  have it made to fit you like a glove!

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