Are Bespoke Business Suits Just For Men?

Are Bespoke Business Suits Just For Men?


If we have learned anything from the past it is that the women’s bespoke suit represents freedom and power, with the first trouser suit being born in 1870 by Sara Bernhardt, and brought into high fashion by the likes of Yves Saint Laurent in 1966 with the women’s tuxedo. 


With the rise of the 21st century women, comes the rise of the ladies power suit. In a world where women are running a home, a business and raising a family, a busy women needs a suit that is going to make her feel empowered and in control. Whether you want something very fitted to accentuate your figure or want a more androgynous look a bespoke suit will make any women feel empowered. 


While fashions, especially for women, come and go, there are certain trends that never go out of style and the power suit is one of them. Don’t know what to wear to your friends wedding? Power suit. Need something to land a big corporate deal? Power suit. Have had under 4 hours sleep and need to feel in control of your life? Power suit. There is little it cant fix, or a situation that it isn’t suited for. 

While our minds may instantly go to a bold wall street style pinstripe when we think of the term “power suit” this doesn’t have to be the case. Because, you are going to choose the fabric, design your suit and have it fitting you exactly how you would like. Therefore, it can be a bold pastel, it can be a plain navy but it’s fits you like a glove, whatever it is that you need to feel empowered, we can make it. 

What will you go for? 

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