Our new business wardrobes are designed for the working man. Whether you need the ultimate work suit that seals every deal, or you need a travel suit for commuting or traveling abroad. We have a package for all areas. We know are customers are busy, hard working men and we listened to what you wanted from your tailor.

Each package is designed to tailor to your unique needs.


2 Two Piece Suits

Extra Trousers

370gm, Worsted 100% Pure Wool



New Yorker.

Designed for the Traveling business man, we use high twist fabrics which are crease resistant, perfect for packing.
1x Travel suits (2pc)
1x Smart Casual Jacket
1x Trousers
3X shirts




2x Two Piece Suits

Extra Trousers

340gm Wool and Cashmere


Add Ons

Add Ons

Bespoke Shoes £275

Pack of 5 Made to Measure Shirts £599

Ties 3 For 2