Women And The Work Suit.

women,work suit

Women And The Work Suit.

For men the work suit is very much deemed a uniform. With its deep routed rules in tradition there is already a guide of how it should fit, what length the trousers should be and what colours you should wear to work. Of course there are a few who like to throw this book in the bin and do their own thing. However, it is there to hand if they need it. It is different for women, there aren’t such rules, and while this can be liberating it can also be difficult to navigate the dos and dont’s of the professional suit world. 



women,work suit



It is important to consider what job you do. If you are working in an environment where you need to look professional but the outfit should ultimately go un-noticed then a dark navy or charcoal are great colours for this. 

If you can be a little more elaborate, then choosing a fabric with a check or stripe (the ultimate power fabric) can make you stand out from the rest, and add a bit of personality into your work wear. Prince of wales or window pane check can add a bit of colour to your suit. You can also go for colours like dark green, or a really deep burgundy, these all work well and still look smart. 

If you can wear what you like as long as you look smart, and put together then your choices can be endless. With roomten bespoke suits they will always be expertly tailored to your body and your specification. 




It can be hard to know if you should go for jacket and trousers, jacket and skirt, a 3 piece. Again this depends on where you work and what you feel comfortable with. Some women find real power in wearing a jacket and skirt and some women feel much comfortable with trousers. 

Whether you want to go fitted and have your suit really arsenate your figure or you might a prefer slightly boxier androgynous look, our expert tailors will be working with you every step of the way to make sure the fit is exactly how you want it. 

It is almost impossible for anyone let alone women have something fit them amazingly well off of the peg. We all know that you aren’t feeling your most confident in what you are wearing then you probably aren’t being the most confident person and this can have a huge effect. 


women,work suit
women,work suit

The Do’s and Dont’s. 

Jackets – length of the jacket can vary for women, but the jacket should never be higher than the top of the trouser. Sleeve length for women is generally slightly longer than it is for men, but this is not set it stone. The jacket should fit well on the chest, as a professional women you don’t not want your jacket gaping. 

Skirt – Skirts can follow the line of the body and create a nice shape. Shirts should never be too short and ideally not too far from the knee. Skirts should sit slightly higher on the waist than you might wear your trousers. 

Trousers – Trousers should sit above the hips. Depending on the style you want they might be more/less fitted or cropped/ full length. Women can play around with trousers length a lot more. 

Waistcoats – If you are wearing a waistcoat then it should be fairly fitted.





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