Tailoring and Bespoke Knitwear: How To Achieve The Perfect Pairing.

Bespoke Knitwear

Tailoring and Bespoke Knitwear: How To Achieve The Perfect Pairing.

With work place etiquette on what to wear becoming more relaxed it has become increasingly open to the individual’s interpretation as to whether a shirt, tie, and three piece is always necessary. Due to this, there has been an increase in the combination of tailored garments with knitwear. The only real rule is that you should always chose knitwear of high quality, and roomten uses nothing but the finest merino and cashmere wools. 


Does your hand crafted quality tailoring not deserve bespoke knitwear? Not only is there choice of colour and wool, but you can determine length of body, length of sleeve and also the width. 



Bespoke Knitwear
Bespoke Knitwear
Bespoke Knitwear

Roll Neck

One of the easiest ways to incorporate knitwear with tailoring is by wearing a Roll Neck. Always make sure that the gauge (density of fabric) isn’t to thin, but also not to thick and this will look chunky and take away from the shape of your tailored jacket. 

You need to consider the colour of your Roll Neck. If your suit consists of a bold fabric, using a complimentary or muted tone works well as it doesn’t distract from the suit, and will actually lift the colour of the suit making it more defined.


If you are unsure on how to wear a cardigan or vest with tailored garment’s just think of it as replacing a waistcoat. Always wear a shirt and tie with a cardigan as it stops your look from being too casual. 

Cardigans work well in complimentary colours as you can see with the picture below, but they also work well in contrasting colours. You can be a bit more daring with your colour pallet and experiment more with your pattern’s when incorporating cardigan’s into your formal wardrobe. 


Crew And V-Neck Jumpers

With a Crew or V-Neck Jumper a tie is not always necessary and you can create a more casual look with out one. 

If you are new to wearing Knitwear then its best to start with a fairly safe colour pallet such as, blues, burgundies and beiges. You can add colour by adding a contrasting pocket square. 

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration to try your own combinations of tailoring and knitwear, but our help doesn’t stop here. Roomten has launched a new range of Made-to-Measure knitwear and we will be on hand to guide you through the process. 

Bespoke Knitwear


We have a wide range of quality knit fabrics to choose from, with a variety of gauges so that you can choose the right thickness for you. Made from the finest cottons, merino wools, and cashmere, If you need any help deciding on a fabric or colour our experienced roomten staff will be there to steer you in the right direction. 

Bespoke Knitwear


You can choose your style, whether you know a particular style suits you or you want a range to experiment. You have the freedom to choose which ever is most desirable to you from all of the above and many more. Our skilled Made-to-Measure team will be able to advise you on type of Knitwear that will work with garments that you already have and suggest additional outfits for future use. 

Bespoke Knitwear


Depending on how you want to wear your Knitwear we can help establish the best fit for you. Fit is really important as is makes sure that it suits your body shape, doesn’t distort the fit of a jacket, and represents your personal style. When pairing Knitwear with tailoring it is just as important to get the fit of your Knitwear right as it is to get the fit of your tailored garment right. 

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