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This has been a hot topic over the last few years but what does it really mean and how does it relate to clothing? Sustainability is the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. While we take our own bags to the supermarket and make sure we recycle; do we think about how what we wear has an impact on our planet as well?

And this is how roomten can help.


The Fabric – Locally sourced when possible


The quality of the fabric will be better, whether it’s a suit, chinos, jeans or shirts. At roomten you will be faced with a variety of fabrics made from the finest natural fibres, we only use the best quality wools, linens, cottons, and silk’s eliminating the environmental problems of man-made fabrics and microplastics polluting the ocean. Throughout the world, it is estimated that around 13 million tonnes of coastal synthetic fabric waste are destroying our oceans each year.

roomten also works closely with a vast range of British mills which not only helps to reduce transport emissions but also supports British business and local farmers. By doing this we can track the wool right back to the source, therefore delivering unbeatable quality.

Not only is the quality of fabric better for the environment, it will result in a reduced frequency to replace new clothing which is not only good for the planet but longterm will be beneficial to your wallet! The UK puts ‘350,000 tonnes of clothing into landfill every single year which is the equivalent to £14 billion pounds’ worth of wearable goods.  Natural fibres biodegrade much quicker and break down more easily, so even if your old clothing items do get thrown away you know that the effect of it is less substantial.

The Fit and Quality

You are far less likely to throw away clothing that fits your body shape and at Roomten our passion is creating an elegant modern silhouette with traditional techniques. Designing your own garments allows you to add a touch of your personality, adding to the bespoke experience and resulting in a treasured item of clothing with more millage than most.

Made to Measure suits