Suit Guide by roomten

Made to Measure

Suit Guide by roomten


We believe a well-tailored made to measure suit is an essential part of the businessman’s wardrobe and says a lot about the wearer. It reflects the professionalism, good taste and an expression of personal style.

There are several elements to consider when choosing a business handmade suit, the quality and practicality of the cloth, the style, cut and fit, and of course a price to suit your budget. We work very closely with the best British and Italian mills to provide you with the best quality, design and best choice! We’ve put this Business Suits Guide together to help you make the right choice.


With so many different cloths to choose from, you can distinguish yourself from the crowd without compromising your professionalism or sporting the wrong look for your business environment. For instance, you might adopt a much less conservative look in a creative business. A banking or legal environment calls for a more formal choice that complements your role but also reflects your personal style.

roomten work with you to decide on the best cloth for your suit and environment with an extensive choice of plain fabrics, stripes, checks and herringbones in a wide range of colours, whatever your working environment.


Business suits endure a great deal of wear and tear, be it jostling with the crowds on the daily commute or sitting for hours in an airport lounge and plane; hot footing it after a cab, or working a 12 hour day across boardrooms, client meetings, desk tasks, and park lunches.

To a certain extent, the heavier the cloth (370 gm plus), the more durable it will be, with the added advantage of holding their shape so that you look as well turned out on the journey home as you did on the way in. Fabrics from some of our best British mills provide some great fabrics ideally suited to look good but still be durable.

If you’re often travelling abroad to hotter climates, we may well recommend a different fabric, one that is light enough but still holds its shape and one that is fairly crease resistant. A high twist fabric, weight between 260 gm to 330 gm’s would be ideal.


Elegant bespoke dressing will always instil comfort and confidence, so for your business wear, what better investment could you make than in a beautifully crafted made to measure suit.

roomten take pride in working closely with customers to create the perfect silhouette and fit for their individual requirements, and our skilled pattern makers and cutters pay exceptional attention to detail and accuracy when taking measurements so that a perfect fit is guaranteed.[/vc_column_text]