Separates – The New York Dress Code


Separates – The New York Dress Code

Separates are becoming more desirable in recent years due to their versatility. In a time where everyone wants more for their money, in the suiting world, separates are just that. What are separates?  Separates allow you to have a handful of tailored garments which all work well with each other to give you endless options. Jacket’s that you can wear with chinos, jeans and formal trousers and trousers that you can wear to work, the pub or even for weddings.  

It creates a wardrobe that can be mixed for work and pleasure. 


There are a few staples to really dress like a New Yorker. The navy jacket is a must, it can be mixed and matched with anything, and is perfect for transferring from work to evening wear. It is less harsh than black and often works better with greys, tans, beige, browns. You can also go for other staples such a greys and browns, neutral colours will be easier for you wear. 

The Prince of wale check. This is a great jacket to have, it add’s a touch of tradition to your wardrobe, however, a contemporary twist can be added with a blue or burgundy overcheck. If you want to have some diversity in styling you could always go for a double breasted jacket, as this will look great for work, but will also be a show stopper when you arriving at after work drinks. The prince of wales if great to match with navy’s, charcoal greys and even black trousers. 

The light beige or tan. A lighter coloured jacket can be really useful especially in the spring/summer months, it is very versatile and can be worn to work, weddings and garden parties. Using a fabric that has some texture to it will give the look and feel of linen but without the creasing. This is the perfect Spring, Summer jacket and a great addition for creating your New York looks. 


The main 3 colours you want for trousers are Navy, Grey and Tan. These can either be formal trousers or chinos or a mix of both.  These are perfect for all occasions, and can be worn with any of the above stated jackets. Once you have your basics you can experiment with different colours and textures, such as corduroy, moleskins, checks, linens. 

If you are going to wear a checked trouser you need to wear a plain jacket, too many patterns that are contrasting can look too busy. If you invest in a patterned trousers use neutral colours so that it is no overpowering and easy to pair with basics. 







A white, pink and blue will all work nicely with the neutral jackets and trousers.  Try to avoid anything really garish and contrasting and these will make it harder to wear them jackets and trousers that have a pattern. 

By adding details such and contrast inside collars and cuff, it can create a unique one off shirt will still allowing it to be versatile enough to be worn with a variety of jacket and trousers. 







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