Seasonal Fabrics in Now!

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Seasonal Fabrics in Now!

Our new Seasonal fabrics!

Good news, our latest spring/summer collection has arrived from Ariston! These fabrics are produced twice a year and we highly recommend them to everyone. We at roomten pride ourselves on our knowledge of these fabrics and supply them from the best mills over the world. Ariston fabrics come in a variety of bold colours and unique patterns that we could not wait to get our hands on.

Ariston fabric’s

We at roomten recommend that a nice lightweight fabric could be perfect any suit so we say look no further then our Ariston fabric collection! Founded In 1920 by Fernando Imparato and still a family run business to this day. Based in Naples the Ariston mill is unique in their styles and fabric production to the level where no two of their fabrics will ever be the same. Using mills based all over and around Italy , Ariston have been creating unique and stylish fabrics for almost 100 years.