By The Order Of Roomten

By The Order Of Roomten

While we await the new season of Peaky Blinders to be aired, we have taken a look back on some of the best tweed moments throughout the series. 



With the Autumn fast approaching and a new season about to air, what better time than to get back into your tweed jackets and flat caps. Whether you are dedicated to a tweed 3 piece or just want a jacket to give a nod the fashions of 1920 Birmingham, we have broken down what is important when trying to recreate this iconic look.   

The Cut


It is not simply just tweed to pull of the peaky blinder style the cut plays an important role. The trousers sit higher than todays standard, with little to no break over the shoe, creating a straight horizontal silhouette. If you are daring you can add a turn up but a straight hem will also give the desired effect. The trousers were never overly fitted and the higher sitting waist actually create the illusion of a longer leg, giving the wearer the ability to look taller. 

The waistcoat is shorter, due to trousers sitting higher, and closing slightly higher on the chest. Traditionally the suit would all be in the same fabric but today you can experiment with tonal shades that compliment each other. 

The jacket is either a 2 or 3 button and wouldn’t be as fitted by todays standards. The jacket also falls slightly longer than what is in style today. A 3 button jacket gives a more vintage feel, where as a 2 button jacket gives a nod to something more modern. 

Mixing a range of tonal greys, browns and navy’s really give the outfit depth. Another way to give the illusion of the famous Shelby boys if you want a more modern fit is to opt for a bold pinstripe or a donegal tweed. These fabrics give a slightly vintage feel to a suit if you want to stick for a more contemporary cut.  


Opt for a heavier traditional fabric for a really authentic look, anything 390gm or above. Avoid vivid colours such as royal blue and choose more earth tones, if you want something more contemporary you can go for a really dark green which would put a modern spin on a timeless look. 


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