By The Order of Roomten!

By The Order of Roomten!

How to bring the classic look’s from the early 1900’s into the 21st Century

With Tweed, Collarless shirts, and the iconic Newsboy style hat, its understandable that we want to bring this style back. To achieve this look you don’t have to copy it exactly but you can take classic elements of it and turn it into something that is more up to date.

The Fabric.

(Peaky Blinders, 2013-)
Let’s start with the infamous Thomas Shelby and his love for all things tweed. One of the most important aspects of re-creating a look from the past is the fabric. Use fabrics that have good weight to them as this will allow them to drape properly, giving you cleaner and more defined lines.
If you don’t want to go straight for a 3 piece, adding all the individual items separately is a great way to work towards this look. Fabric’s such as Donegal Tweed add texture and give a very rustic feel, especially if you choose beige and neutral tones.

The Cut.

(Peaky Blinders, 2013-)
The cut is also extremely important, you cant achieve this look through skin tight, low rise trousers, it just doesn’t work! Have trousers that are of a higher rise, this also means that your waistcoat will be cut shorter which will represent the time period more accurately. Your trousers don’t have to be baggy if you want to update the look slight you can go for a tapered trouser that slims down slightly at the ankle. Jackets and coat were not as fitted as they are today, and with a heavier fabric you don’t want it to be skin tight! allow the jacket to have a nice shape, but make sure that it doesn’t pull.

The Non-suit.

(Peaky Blinders, 2013-)

If you feel that a shirt, tie and all tweed 3 piece isn’t for you, then let me introduce you to 1920’s casual. Here Bonnie is wearing a beige pinstripe trouser with accompanying beige collarless shirt and grey waistcoat. I think that a grey/brown cord would also work well for trousers, and would add more texture.
This shirt works really well and it isn’t over fitted. Although its hard to see from the image, there is also a jersey top underneath, layering can be really important and we will get to that later.

The Mix and Match.

(Private Peaceful, 2012)

This combination of tonal colours works really well. The jersey button-up top underneath makes this a very casual outfit but also a great one. The unstructured jacket creates soft edges giving it a more relaxed feel. This medley of garments is also finished off with a leather lace up boot.

The Layering

(The English Game, 2020)

This time period is all about the heavy weight rich fabrics, I don’t mean rich in colour but in texture. Good examples of rich textures fabrics are; Tweeds, Cords, Wools, Flannels, Knits, and Silks. The colour pallet is always muted with, beige, greys, browns. However, the layering of different fabrics makes the combinations looks very textural, rustic, and rich.

By The Order of Roomten!

Its now your turn to choose your fabric, design your 1920’s/2020’s suit and  have it made to fit you like a glove!