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Made to Measure Wedding Suits

Wedding Suits

A Day to remember!

Lock stock and smoking guns! This is all about what the Groom wears, so listen up boys, your Bride will have spent ages deciding on a dress. Every detail examined, cross examined, questioned and bridesmaids checked. And even verified by Mum!

You………well, you could just walk in to your local shop and hire or buy a bog standard suit off the peg with matching tie and pocket square. OK, there’s nothing wrong with that but be real………. get a tailored roomten suit. A suit made to your design, style, personality and fit. A memory of a lifetime and something you can wear for a good time to come. How cool is that!

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Tweed Wedding Suit

Tweed Wedding Suit

Tweed Three Piece Suit King of the castle or fit for a wedding? The roomten three piece suit featured in this article was actually made for Simon’s wedding! He is looking stylishly regal so you could think he owned the castle too but we have it on good authority it is a wedding venue! Simon chose this Grouse Moor green…

Choosing Your Perfect Dinner Suit

Choosing Your Perfect Dinner Suit

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