Lock stock and smoking guns! Made to measure wedding suits. This is all about what the Groom wears, so listen up boys, your Bride will have spent ages deciding on a dress. Every detail examined, cross examined, questioned and bridesmaids checked. And even verified by Mum!


You………well, you could just walk in to your local shop and hire or buy a bog standard suit off the peg with matching tie and pocket square. OK, there’s nothing wrong with that but be real………. get a tailored made to measure wedding suits by roomten. A suit made to your design, style, personality and fit. A memory of a lifetime and something you can wear for a good time to come. How cool is that!

Made to Measure Wedding Suits

Royal Blue Wedding Suits


For Chris and his groomsmen we used a stunning royal blue fabric from Holland and Sherry. The jacket was a 2 button notch lapel style, the waistcoat was a 5 button with points and the trousers were low waisted slim fit.

Made to Measure Wedding Suits

Forest Theme Wedding Suits


Dany Mac and Carley Stenson’s chose a magical woodland wedding theme set in the New Forest. Using both Danny’s own unique style and our experience in design and tailoring, we were able to create a 2 piece tweed suit with a contrasting check waistcoat worn by Danny and his groomsmen.

Made to Measure Wedding Suits

The Navy 3 Piece Wedding Suits


Always a winner, you can’t go far wrong with a navy 3 piece fitted suit. The trick is, choose the best fabric your budget will allow, maybe mohair wool mix or a super 140’s wool? Then its our job to craft and create the fit that suits you!