Made-to-Measure tailoring was created over 60 years ago to bridge the gap between ready-to-wear and bespoke tailored suits. Unfortunately the term ‘bespoke’ has been misused by many companies who only offer Made-to-Measure, so it’s become misunderstood, and has served to confuse people over the difference. roomtens Made-to-Measure offering is actually between the two, it is semi bespoke (just to confuse you even further)! We create a new pattern for every customer (this is not the norm for a made-to-measure garment), different finishes and canvases are used to make your suit. Your suit can be hand or machine stitched and have a fused or floating canvas depending on your preference. Below are the key points to consider:

Made to Measure

  • Less expensive – from £799
  • Quicker to make and easier to repeat (2nd suit)- 4 to 6 weeks
  • Generally machine stitched with some hand finishing options.
  • Cleaner look (due to precise machine finishing)
  • Fused or Floating Canvas
  • Fittings 2 to 3


  • More expensive – from £1999 and in Savile Row from £3000
  • Takes longer to make – due to being hand made – 8-10 weeks
  • Fully hand stitched
  • Floating Canvas
  • Fittings 3 to 5 included a basted fitting (suit is half made and loosely stitched)

Our Made to measure

roomten made-to-measure suits combine quality with a sharp and clean look. For every customer we provide the following service and quality:

Unique Pattern
We cut a unique paper pattern for all of our customers. Our initial detailed fitting, which includes over 50 measurements, will ensure we deliver a great fitting suit.

Half Canvas
All of our made-to-measure machine stitched suits are half canvassed to give shape to the chest. This is essential when creating our “West End Block”, the result being a classic English fitted suit. The canvas is a vital element to the suit and we only used the highest quality canvases which mould to the shape of your body and chest.

Full Floating Canvas – Option
We also offer a full floating hand stitched canvas, this gives a slightly different feel, slightly heavier, will mould and shape more. As with our half canvass we still only use the best materials available. This option is an extra cost.

Hand Stitching

Despite being made by machine we still hand pad (stitch) the lapel to create an elegant soft roll which brings life to the suit. We also insert the sleeve head by hand to create an elegant finish and ensure the sleeve is pitched correctly.

British & Italian Cloth
All of our cloth is sourced from the finest English, Scottish and Italian mills.

Affordability & Consistency
Starting from £799 and made from luxury British or Italian cloth, roomten suits provide the ultimate in tailored suits at an affordable price. Once we’ve made you one suit, ordering more is easy, just choose your fabric and the suit will be made using the same pattern. And, if you change shape don’t worry, a quick re-measure and some small changes to your pattern and we will make you another great fitting suit.

our bespoke

roomten bespoke suits combine quality with a sharp and clean look. For every customer we provide the following service and quality:

Unique Pattern
We cut a unique paper pattern for all of our customers, plus our initial detailed fitting which includes over 50 measurements will ensure we deliver a great fitting suit.

Our fully hand stitched suits are what a true bespoke suit is meant to be. Offering the finest in construction, with a full floating canvass basted fitting (if required) and detailed hand finishing.

Basted Fitting
After our initial fitting we will decide whether a basted stage is needed. We then go ahead and cut the cloth, lightly stitch the jacket and trousers together into a shell known as a “baste”. At the basted fitting you’ll have an in-depth discussion with one of our tailors about the fit of the suit and how it can be tweaked to perfect the fit. Each bespoke suit is then pulled apart and recut before being finally made up. At this stage your paper pattern is also updated so we can accurately recreate the fit for your future purchases. You’ll then come in for a final fitting where any minor alterations are turned around in just a few days for you.

Full Floating Canvas
All our bespoke suits are fully hand stitched, have a full length floating canvas and are sewn into the jacket allowing the internals of the jacket to move. The jacket will sit better on the body whilst feeling more comfortable and breathable. This is how a true Savile Row suit is constructed.

Hand Finished
Our most skilled tailors are trained to deliver the best in hand tailoring and custom made suits. The internals are stitched by hand creating incredible shape and durability and all buttons holes (lapel and sleeve), top stitching and even the lining are sewn by hand for the ultimate in hand finishing.

This is the process and quality you should be demanding from a truly bespoke suit. Ignore the hoards of tailors claiming to offer “bespoke” when they don’t and experience the real thing here at roomten.
Bespoke Suits from £1899