LADIES: Smart Casual

LADIES: Smart Casual

Smart Casual – The Dress Code Everyone Fears.

We have all heard the term smart casual, but very few of us feel confident with that it means. It can be difficult trying to strike the perfect balance between a polished yet relaxed look, but this guide is here to give you some fool proof tips.

Striking A Balance.


There are levels of formality which are attached to the smart casual dress code… I know as if it wasn’t confusing enough already! For weekend days out, family gathering, or anything that is fairly relaxed look no further than this iconic combination. A beautifully tailored high waisted trousers paired with a fitted cami and a loose fitting over shirt, add a heeled sandal for a feminine twist. In the summer you want to wear elegant but breathable pieces and a cotton shirt should always be a wardrobe staple. For cooler weather pair a tailored trousers with a roll neck, this gives the perfect balance between structural tailored pieces and soft garments that hug the body.

This outfit should be a staple in everyones wardrobe it is the perfect go too.


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A Blazer Is A Must.

Smart casual can be a tricky minefield but a blazer will never let you down! A Blazer will instantly make any outfit more formal. It can be paired with jeans, formal trousers, dresses.  Mixing more structured tailored pieces with looser, softer pieces creates a nice balance and add shape. Because of this, one garment that every women needs in her wardrobe is a beautifully fitted blazer, or Chanel jacket.

Wearing all black and adding a pop of colour is the best way to draw the eye to specific parts of the body and highlight certain aspects.

Wearing a jacket with structure can accentuate different aspects of your figure: it can create the illusion of a more hourglass figure, a shorter jacket can lengthen your legs to make you appear taller, and a more padded shoulder can balance out your frame of you have wider hips. It adds crisp elegant lines to an outfit and gives a sophisticated look.



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Suit Up

When smart casual calls for something a little smarter, such as a wedding, or a work event where they want you to feel comfortable and let your hair down. You still want to appear well put together and elegant the suit is always a good go to. A well tailored jacket and trouser paired with either an open neck blouse or cami will never see you wrong.

Design Your Own Smart Casual Wardrobe

Choose your fabric, design your outfit and  have it made to fit you like a glove!

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