How we make your shirts

bespoke shirts

How we make your shirts

room ten bespoke shirts

There are few experiences more satisfying than pulling on a crisply laundered shirt that has been made for you, and you alone. Thanks to our precise measurements and exclusive fabrics, each bespoke design is a one-of-a-kind!

With a selection of 1,500+ fabrics, 30 collar and cuff options, 15 monogram styles, various collar linings, and more, all you need is a little imagination to build your bespoke shirt. Whether you prefer versatile classics or statement show-pieces, no design request is too large or small; we want to ensure the end result is catered to your precise needs.

The 5 Steps




We take 20 body measurements, taking into account posture and any other special requirements you may have. We also put a try on shirt on you which we then pin and adjust to establish the type of fit you require. A mixture of your body measurements and measurements from the try on shirt are used to create your pattern



The flawless fit and attention to detail of our bespoke shirts makes each creation a timeless one-off and their custom-made nature allows you to become the designer. Firstly you will choose the cloth for your shirt, we source our fabrics from mills such as Mileta, English Ringhart, Austrian Getzner, Swiss Alumo, Albini, or S.I.C Tess of Italy. Secondly you will design your shirt from collar to cuffs, adding or changing whichever elements you wish, such as contrast fabrics on the inside of the collars and cuffs, contrast colour button holes and many more options!  Here, we note down all your design requests.



The measurements from step 01 are used to create a digital pattern of your shirt which is then printed on paper ready for the next step.. At this stage your pattern is stored so we can reproduce exactly the same size shirt again and again. We can also adjust/improve your pattern if needed.



Next, our experienced craftsman masterfully cut your chosen cloth by hand. Hand-worked sewing machines are then used to bring the shirt together – they produce stronger seams while maintaining accuracy



Once your shirt has been made we then make sure it fits you, if we need to do any final adjustments these are all carried out in our workshop. The end result a one off shirt, designed by you and made by roomten to fit you!


Fit Guaranteed!