Whats The perfect Number Of Business Suits?

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Whats The perfect Number Of Business Suits?

Ideally you would rotate your business suits daily, and therefore we suggest that have at least 3-4 business suits are essential to keeping your work uniform looking immaculate. 

While we always suggest that you have a suit for every day of the week, it is not necessarily essential. When having a suit made ALWAYS opt for two pairs of trousers, having this will increase your suits life span and actually have you money. It is important to get two pairs of trousers when your order the suit and not to wait and order an additional pair afterwards and fabric batches can vary ever so slightly and you run the risk of your suit not being a perfect match. 




The Everyday Navy. 

Probably one of the most versatile colours and is essential to not only your working wardrobe but your wardrobe in general, a navy suit will see you through work to wedding and everything in between.  It is the perfect every day work suit and can also be used as a mix and match if you are looking to create some variety. 

While to some a navy may seem safe and boring, a well cut, beautifully tailored Navy suit can look modern and chic. 

The Grey Essential. 


While to some a grey suit may seem boring, it will defiantly come in handy. Having a grey suit in your wardrobe is a bit like having a uniform, you know that it will go with pretty much anything. Whether that be white, light blue or lilac shirt, and can even be worn with brown or black shoes. The grey suit is highly diverse and is always a safe option. 


Who said it had to be boring? While there are a range of different tones of grey you can also opt for one with a check, stripe or birds eye. If pattern isn’t really your thing, then choosing a herringbone add texture and depth with out the added pattern. 


One To Seal The Deal. 

Every business man and women should own a ‘power suit’ a suit that makes you stand 2 inches taller and shows that you mean business. It should be bold and eye catching, it should make you be seen. When you think ‘power suit’ you probably imagine wide lapels and chalk stripe, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be a bold pin stripe, a window pane check.


Your power suit could maybe be a 3 piece if you don’t normally wear one or opt for double breasted, what ever it is it needs to fit you like a glove and make you feel at your most confident. 



The Contemporary One. 

This suit should be something out of the ordinary, perhaps you opt for a colour you have never chosen before like a forest green, or go for a slightly bolder pattern. It shouldn’t be garish and should reflect your professionalism.


Or maybe you got for a slightly different design and opt for a double breasted waistcoat. This can change the look of your business suit quite dramatically. This style of suit is often great for weddings, and sometimes works well as separates, depending on the fabric chosen.


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