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A Made-to-Measure suit and shirt both take 5-6 weeks (average) to complete from your initial consultation.

Because we make our own suits we can make your suit quicker if needed, within 2 weeks (even quicker if required), just let us know the date you need it by. There would be a charge for this express service.

After your initial consultation we will invite you back for a second fitting where we will check for the perfect fit of your suit. This is the stage where we see what alterations, if any are needed. Alterations will then be complete in about 1 week . You’ll will then have another fitting to check any alterations that have been made.

The Price for your suit is worked out depending on what fabric is chosen and some finishing details. A men’s two-piece suit starts at £599 and increases by a £100 in each fabric category. The average Made-to-Measure suit is between £699 and £999

This is a great question but almost impossible to answer. It largely depends on how well the owner looks after their suit, how many suits they own and how frequently they are worn. A great way to lengthen the life of your suit is to order a second pair of trousers when buying your suit, we highly recommend this!

Your initial consultation is where you and one of our tailors will have an in-depth conversation to get a good idea of what you are looking for in a suit. This is where you will talk about where your suit will be worn, what colours you like and the fit and style you are after. Throughout this process one of our tailors will recommend what they think would be best for you and help you in as much way as possible. After this is all chosen our tailor all then start the measurement process.

We advise allowing at least an hour for your first consultation so you don’t feel rushed into any choices.

For wedding suits we highly recommend you book 2-3 months in advance, allowing us plenty of time to make your suit and to get the perfect fit for your big day! This also allows you to tick it off the list of many things to do and helps towards a stress free day!

Having a suit made for you does not only have a unique feel but is also a unique experience, allowing you to completely design a suit to match your personality and style. “Off the Peg Suits’ are designed to fit a variety of people and are never as comfortable as having one made for you. They are often mass produced and involve high profit margins which means cheaper materials and making process. This mainly shown in the quality of the fabric used.

The level of service and expertise you get with a Made-to-Measure or Bespoke suit can widely differ from that of a sales assistant in a High Street shop.

Be warned, once you buy a roomten Made-to-Measure suit you will find it hard to go back to an “Off the Peg Suit”!

Made-to-Measure tailoring was created over 60 years ago to bridge the gap between ready-to-wear and bespoke tailored suits. Unfortunately the term ‘bespoke’ has been misused by many companies who only offer Made-to-Measure, so it’s become misunderstood, and has served to confuse people over the difference. roomtens Made-to-Measure offering is actually between the two, it is semi bespoke (just to confuse you even further)! We create a new pattern for every customer (this is not the norm for a made-to-measure garment), different finishes and canvases are used to make your suit. Your suit can be hand or machine stitched and have a fused or floating canvas depending on your preference.

Key Points to Consider


Made to Measure Suit – from £599

Bespoke Suit – from £1999


Made to Measure – 5/ 6 Weeks

Bespoke Suit from – 8/10 Weeks


Made to Measure – Machine and hand stitched

Bespoke Suit – Fully hand stitched

There are many more differences, please read our blog “Made to Measure Vs Bespoke”

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