Ditch The Dress!


Ditch The Dress!

The wedding dress is a deeply routed tradition, one that will be worn for a day and never worn again. We have seen a huge increase in women ditching the dress on their wedding day and opting for something that can be worn time and time again. After all this day is all about you and therefore it is important that you feel comfortable on your big day. 

With a wide range of fabrics to choose from and a variety of ways to make your suit completely individual to you there are endless ways to create the perfect outfit for your special day. 





Bucking The Tradition. 


If you are getting a bespoke suit instead of a wedding dress, why not turn the tradition completely on its head and opt for a suit that isn’t white. With a library of fabrics to choose from you can create something spectacular for your special day, but also a suit that can be worn time and time again. 

By adding a waistcoat you can make your outfit extra special. A three piece suit isn’t something a lot of women wear on a daily basis, taking it beyond your average suit and making it a spectacle for a day you will never forget. 

Modern Elegance.


Want to keep a little bit of tradition? You can do just that with a white evening suit. Not only can this be worn for many future occasions but it remains elegant and special. A luxurious heavy cream wool creates a beautifully tailored silhouette. You can have it with or without silk lapels, if you want a little shine we recommend having your suit with silk lapels. A single button jacket is perfect for cinching in the waist and creating a chic hourglass figure. 

A cigarette trouser cut just above the ankle is a really flattering shape, it displays the slimmest part of the leg and creates a tapered line from thigh to ankle. 


All Eyes On You. 



Alternatively you could go for something completely out of the ordinary.  Become the star of the show with a bold fabric, which can then be worn later as a complete suit or separates. 

With our personalisation options to make your bespoke suit completely unique to you. If you have a theme that you are working with we can help you incorporate that into the design of your suit and personal embroidery will mark the day forever.  

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