Business Shirts

Made to measure shirts

Business Shirts

Quality, durability and style are paramount in a bespoke business shirt. After designing your shirt we will then take your measurements, we then create and cut your individual pattern which is then kept in our archive for future orders.

Shirts start £145 for one, or we do a pack of 5 business shirts for £595 (£119 each).


Roomten have a range of fabrics especially designed with the work place in mind, 100% cottons, the heavier the weight the more durable (125gm to 160gm is ideal). Though a lighter poplin (105gm to125gm) has a luxurious smooth feel and is preferred by some. Twills, Oxford cottons, Herringbone’s are all available plus top quality fabrics such as  Sea Island Cotton, Swiss Cottons and the best of Italian shirt fabrics. Combine these quality fabrics with classic plain, stripe and check patterns and you will achieve the professional look that will be the envy of your colleagues.

All our shirting fabrics are sourced from the leading European mills, Canclini, Mileta, Soktas, Rinhardt and more…….


With over 50 collars, 30 cuffs, 10 front designs, 10 back designs, over 1000 different fabrics and more, you will be spoilt for choice. We will guide you through the process and recommend the correct design for your work place. Generally a 1 button Windsor or Kent collar with a double straight or bevelled cuff will be a good start. Combine this with the correct fabric,weight and finish and we will create your classic business shirt.


The shoulder seam should meet the corner of your shoulder bone, which is essentially the point on your shoulder which is the farthest from the center of your chest. Armholes should be comfortable in motion–they should not be so tight that they cut into the underarm.

The torso should be slim enough that your shirt does not give any more than 3-4 inches of fabric when you pull the shirt lightly away from your chest or your stomach (with light pulling, the fabric should not be taut against the skin). However, the shirt should allow ease of motion, and skin-tight shirts are usually not preferable.