Bespoke Shoes- What’s it all about?!

Shoes are the key piece to any outfit, and here at Roomten we know the importance of always looking your best- head to toe.

Our bespoke shoe service is one of the best out there, there is an array of different options to choose from- leathers, finishes, colours, soles, laces and many many more. The process is simple too- either pop into store, or visit our dedicated Bespoke shoes page here and get familiar with the online configuration tool.

Stuck as to what you’re looking for? Here’s a breakdown of each of the materials as a starting point;


What is a Sartorial material you ask? Well, it is a decorative fabric, using traditional prints with a modern twist. From the Latin word ‘Sartorius’, meaning Tailor.


Nubuck is a top grain leather, buffed on the outer side to give it a slight nap (texture). Although very similar to suede, it is much stronger and thicker in its composition. Usually coloured or dyed, this material needs regular cleaning and treating to keep it looking it’s best.


As seen in many of the fashion shows in the past couple of years, velvet is making a comeback. Made from cotton, wool or mohair, Velvet has a distinctive texture, and an air of opulence about it- making the perfect statement shoe.

Polished Calf:

Polished Calf leather comes from the hide of the Calf. It it a fine grain leather that is not only lightweight and soft but also incredibly durable and easy to maintain.

Patent Leather:

Patent Leather is a Box Calf leather with a high-shine gloss finish. It is a very low maintenance material for shoes as it is incredibly waterproof. Patent shoes are most popular as an event shoe, e.g. with a dinner suit.


Perfect for a summer shoe, Linen is cool and breathable and has a beautiful textured finish. Despite being tough and durable, Linen is not waterproof and so is ideal for a summer shoe.

Pebble Grain Printed Calf:

Much like its Box Calf counterpart, it comes from the saddle and hide of the Calf. When treated, this leather is given a raised ‘pebble’ like texture. Incredibly durable, the pebble grain effect helps to mask any scratches and blemishes that may occur through wear.

Casual Painted Calf:

Similar to the Box Calf leather, this is almost identical however this has been hand painted and comes in a variation of grains and textures.

Croco Printed Calf:

Again, this is a Box Calf leather that has been embossed to give a Crocodile print effect. This material also comes in a variation of colours and is a high-shine material. Easy to maintain, and much like Pebble Grain leather, the embossed effect helps to mask any blemishes to the outer surface.

Patina Finish:

A Patina Finish is a hand-painted colouring of footwear that gives the shoe an ‘antique’ or ‘burnished’ appearance. Highly sought after by shoe lovers, it gives the shoe a unique, one of a kind finish due to the hand-painting process.

This is just a general overview of some of the materials that are available to choose from for your pair of Bespoke shoes. Don’t hesitate to contact us here in store and we can help guide you on creating a beautiful pair of Bespoke Shoes. So whether it’s dress shoes, golf shoes, slippers or trainers, we’ve got all bases covered here at Roomten.