The Perfect Combination

Firstly, don’t worry, we will still be relying on our tailoring expertise and traditions.


However the combination of your scanned measurements (120), a created avatar of your body and our experience to work out your pattern, help us improve our service and make the perfect fitting suit, jacket, chino or shirt.


Our 3D scanning solution gives us the option to carry out consultations / fittings from our store, your home or in your office, literally anywhere and at anytime!

Measure Me

You can either come in to our store or you can use your smart p hone, iPad/Tablet in the comfort of your home to take two scans of your body, one from the front view, one from the side, it should only take a few minutes. The scans gives us 120 different measurements and creates a 3D avatar, from this we can make start to create a pattern for your jacket, chinos or shirt! Simply click on the button below to begin the process…..

How it Works

How does it work exactly? The whole process should only take a few minutes, using a smart phone device or iPad/tablet. This can be done in store or at home if you prefer. Simply put; we need two scans of your body, one from the front view, one from the side. This bit is important, you need to be wearing tight fitting clothes such as your gym kit, underwear, lycra cycling kit or similar, this allows us to get accurate body measurements.

The pictures/scans of you are not seen by us, our system creates an avatar of your body shape based on 120 different measurements.

The New Made to Measure / New Retail

Will 3D scanning replace how you buy from us and what we make you? No definitely not! It only really helps us; we can take measurements in a very safe way and check them, you can even do this at home on the couch. We store your data safely, and we only use it for your personal tailored suits, jackets, chinos, jeans, etc. If possible we still want to show you our range of fabrics in person and its important you see them and feel them so you can make the right choice. Come to our store, use our new mobile service, we come to you, or have an online meeting/fitting using zoom or Google Meet.

New Technology and our Collaboration with Meepl

We have been looking at how new technologies can help us for some time now. For us there are 3 key areas, making, measuring and a virtual fitting room. We already use technology to help us make your pattern and in some cases a machine will cut the fabric for your garment, from here on the process relies on tailors to craft the finished item, this final process we aim to keep the same.

And now with our collaboration with Meepl, we have a scanning solution to help us measure your body in different ways, more ways and quicker than a manual process. We’re excited by this new development which gives us the scope to work with customers remotely (or in store). I can tell you from experience that two different experienced tailors will always measure slightly differently Our tests and work with Meepl so far have shown an accuracy 97.3%! This accuracy and consistency will only help to improve what we are currently doing.