The Italian Job- Roomten’s favourite Italian’s

Here at Roomten, we love our Italian fabrics. 

Fabric is one of the most important components when it comes to creating a bespoke garment and that’s why here at Roomten we make sure to stock many different ranges from across Europe, to make sure we can cater to all of our clients needs.

We get many requests for Italian fabric, and without a doubt it’s one of the best! Italy has a longstanding relationship with fine fabrics and innovative production methods. Below is a few of our favourite Italian fabric mills and suppliers here at Roomten that we always recommend.


Canclini are our chosen premium shirt fabric makers with a fantastic range and variation of materials, we will always highly recommend Canclini for Roomten bespoke shirts.

In business since 1925, Canclini originally milled and produced silk in the Province of Como, northern Italy. Throughout the 1960s Canclini changed their direction and became cotton makers.

With their background in silk production, Canclini take a unique approach to their production of cotton. Using a mix of proprietary looms and state of the art technology, Canclini procure the finest cottons and spin them into a strong yet soft yarn, once spun they are dyed before warped which is what makes their cottons different to many other fabric makers.

Having produced exclusive fabrics for fashion houses such as Giorgio Armani, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana, Canclini is a merchant that pride themselves in a fusion of family traditions and an innovative future and we are proud to call themselves our go-to shirt fabric makers here at Roomten!


Founded in 1920 by Fernando Imparato, Ariston is a family run business and are unique in regard to their fabric production. Based in Naples, their focus as a company is to use the most up to date and modern technology to complete one of a kind fabric collections.

As opposed to other fabric makers, Ariston create a selected collection of fabric designs that are released only twice a year and never repeat the same design twice. Using mills all over Italy, Ariston are able to create unique fabric compositions for their collections.

Here at Roomten we are lucky to be one of the selected few partners in the UK to use Ariston fabrics.


Another Naples based company, Caccioppoli was founded by Vincenzo Caccioppoli in 1870. Originally focused on importing fabrics from Italy and the USA in Bogota, Colombia from the 1920s Caccioppoli returned to its native Naples and opened their first shop in Piazza Nicole Amore which still exists to this day.

Caccioppoli encompasses family tradition and passion for fabric with fabric collections deriving from over a century of experience in the industry reflecting the classic Neapolitan elegance. Supplying worldwide to locations such as Tokyo, New York and Seoul, Caccioppoli is globally renowned for their fine fabrics, hence why we took them on board here at Roomten as one of our fabric suppliers.


Set up over 150 years ago by Carlo Reda, Reda is a longstanding and globally renowned company within the fabric industry. Carlo Reda had a strong passion for wool; both it’s sourcing and production and so the Reda mill was started to export large volumes of high quality wool worldwide.

From 1919 Francesco Botto Paolo took over Reda and hasn’t stopped innovating the production of wool since, especially after a flood destroyed the mill in 1968 which Reda saw as an advantage to focus on fusing both traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation to make the highest quality fabrics.

A company that prides itself on an ethos of ‘quality, luxury and sophistication’, Reda is one of the leading fabric mills in the world. Unlike many of other Italian fabric makers, Reda produces and exports from just one location, their mill in Valle Mosso near the Province of Biella, Northern Italy. As Reda is based in the north of Italy, they are known to incorporate the elegance and sophistication of Milan style in every collection they produce.

Loro Piana

The world’s leading Cashmere supplier, Loro Piana is one of the most prestigious names when it comes to the fabric and tailoring industry.

Originally from Trivero, Northern Italy, the Loro Piana story dates back to the 1820s when the family originally started trading wool. In 1924, Pietro Loro Piana founded Loro Piana e Compagnia which is the company we are associated with today. Throughout the years, Loro Piana has been passed through generations of family, always priding themselves on sourcing the finest, rarest, raw materials in the world.

Loro Piana has made tireless investments over the generations to retain time honoured traditions and state of the art technology whilst simultaneously source sustainable raw materials. With some of the most unique fabrics produced in the world (Vicuna from the Andes, Lotus flower fiber from the Myanmar, Cashmere from Chinese kids, the list goes on), Loro Piana has a commitment to sustainability conservation projects around the world to protect animals and their habitats as well as ensuring only the most humane processes are adhered to when farming for wool.

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