Many of you know Fab as an actor playing “Ziggy Roscoe” in Hollyoaks, or for his roles in Captain America, The First Avenger and Gangsters, Guns & Zombies.

roomten and Fab Santino have teamed up to launch a capsule collection inspired by a mixture of Fab’s classic taste, Italian background and a love for British tailoring!

The collection will be based on roomten’s made to measure expertise and service. Fab has designed each piece in the collection, from fabric all the way through to the fit and how each piece should be worn and how to complete the look. Each customer will be advised accordingly and their suit will be made individually for them!

Why has Fab created his own collection?

Fab’s followers and fans will already know he has a passion for dressing well, just follow him on social media and you will see him talking about everything to do with clothes, shoes, ties, etc. Fab says………….

“Clothes are important, they can either make you feel upbeat and ready to take on the world or the opposite, if the fit and look isn’t quite right! A great jacket or suit can be spoilt if the tie is wrong or the shoes aren’t quite right, so I like to put the emphasis on the outfit rather than a single item. This is a key point for the collection and what we are trying to achieve with it, it’s all about the look! Many of my colleagues and friends at work know I love my clothes and often comment on how I look and will often ask for my advice on what to wear for various occasions. With the new collection I will be able to take this a step further, not only can I advise them on what to wear but I can show them and with roomten’s help make sure they get a great fit and feel a million dollars when they wear a Fab Santino Suit!”

The Fit

The style is modern classic, jackets have soft shoulders, very fitted, the length is shortish but not too short. The jacket’s come with either a canvas (structured) or no canvas (unstructured) and have a lighter softer all round more casual feel to them. The trousers are low cut and slim fit with the emphasis being on fitted.

The Quality

Finished garments are made to roomten’s high Savile Row standards. For the collection we have used the best British fabrics, cottons, fine wools and cool tweeds, the combinations are limitless. We believe the Fab Santino collection brings a much needed modern twist, flare and passion to classic British tailoring.

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