Bespoke jeans are a great option for those who struggle to buy denim on the high street. Here at Roomten we ensure your jeans are made exactly to your measurements, with a style that you feel comfortable and confident in- if you’re not sure what style you’re after, at Roomten we are always happy to advise on the most practical and suiting style for your Made to Measure jeans.

As opposed to High Street denim, we don’t just offer styles that are currently in ‘trend’. If it’s a new style you’re after, or maybe just a replacement of an old trusty pair, at Roomten we have a multitude of pre-existing styles and fits for both mens and ladies jeans, however if there’s something we’re missing for your perfect jean, we’re always happy to change one of our patterns to suit you accordingly.

If you are stuck for what you’re looking for in a new pair of jeans, look no further. Here’s our style guide for a little inspiration.


What is ‘Rise’?

When designing a pair of Bespoke jeans, the first thing that you should consider is the rise of the jean. Rise is the distance between the middle crotch seam and the top of the waistband. Rises can vary depending on your style of jean, here’s a quick breakdown of different rises and what they mean:


Low Rise

Low-rise is exactly as it sounds, it has the shortest distance between the seam of the crotch and the waistband. This rise generally sits approximately 3-4 inches below the belly button, just above the hips, this makes it difficult to tuck in a shirt as low-rise trousers usually sit where a torso garment ends (or minimally above). Low-rise is most suited to someone with a flat seat as gathering of extra fabric around the crotch won’t occur. Low-rise has become increasingly popular over the past few years and is one of the most common rises on the market.


Mid Rise

Mid-rise is somewhere in between a low and high rise. As opposed to low-rise, there is a longer distance between the crotch seam and waistband, sitting just on or just below the belly button. At Roomten, mid-rise is our most popular rise for trousers and jeans as not only is it comfortable to wear, but it enables you to tuck in shirts and gives a fantastic silhouette to both men and women.


High Rise

High-rise is at the top end of the rises that exist. This rise usually sits on, or just above the belly button- this is a great rise for women or men with a fuller figure as it conceals the stomach area. A high-rise style is also great for those with disproportionate torso and legs- as it gives the illusion of the longer legs. High-rise is designed to have a garment tucked into as it can become bulky layered over the top.

Now we’ve clarified the different rises that are available when creating Bespoke jeans (or trousers), it’s all about the cut of the jean. Below is a small selection of cuts that are available for Bespoke Jeans.

It’s All About The Cut

Bootcut Fit

Although not as popular on the high street anymore, Bootcut is a classic style of jean that flatters most body types. Bootcut jeans are cut with a slim leg with a slight flare starting just below the knee- the size of the flare can vary dependent on your preference.

Relaxed (Regular/Standard) Fit

Relaxed fit is the most common of the jean styles on offer. These are usually a straight cut or a slight taper (1cm)  just below the knee , giving a roomier feel around the thighs and calves. A relaxed fit is better for those with fuller legs, as it doesn’t emphasise any particular part of the leg.

Slim Fit

Slim fit is another incredibly popular jean style as it gives both comfort and style. Slim fit jeans are usually slim from the waist downwards, with a definite taper below the knee (3-5cm). Slim fit jeans are most suited to a slight to normal build as they follow the natural contour of the body.

Skinny Fit

Considered one of the ‘trendiest’ styles of jeans, skinny fit is one you either love or hate. Hugging the body closely from waist to ankle, skinny fit follows every contour of the body and shows every curve. Skinny fit is a great fit for those of a slim or slight build, however they are not exclusive and are one of the most popular high street fits.

Finally, What’s the Wash?

The ‘wash’ or ‘rinse’ of the jean defines what colour they are and how the denim has been treated before production. These washes differ in colour and finish- from very light right through to black, this is important to bear in mind when purchasing Bespoke, or any jeans for that matter, as ‘blue jeans’ can mean different things to different retailers!

Of course this is a just a general guide for Bespoke jeans, there are many other options available, if you’re still after more information, then don’t hesitate to contact us here at Roomten and we can advise you further.

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