Made to Measure Smart Casual

Casual Jacket

Country Casual or Urban ChicA roomten jacket will be tailored for the perfect fit and designed to reflect your own signature style. So whether you want country casual or urban chic we can provide the look you want to achieve. Style –  A well-made jacket or blazer worn out casually should still fit well and look great, reflecting good taste and an expression of personal style. There are several elements to consider when choosing your casual wear, the quality of the cloth, the style, cut and fit. Fabric – Scottish tweed’s, British flannel or Italian light weight fabrics, we will have the right fabric for the right occasion. roomten staff will help and advise you. Fab Casual Jacket 400

 Made to Measure Tweed Jackets from £575

5 Pocket Casual Trouser

Modern tailored appearance. Our five pocket trousers are perfect for every day wear, with a modern slim cut and  comfortable width on the seat we have made sure the fit is second to none! Attention to detail, great  cottons, denims and wool  fabrics to achieve the look  you want. ROOMTEN CHINOS2

Art in a Suit!

Release the rebel within with our artist inspired linings, add fun, art and fashion to your suit or jacket!


The theme being your suit on the outside conforms to current accepted styles and rules but on the inside the lining will reflect your style, taste and personality Designed by artists from all around the world we offer a diverse collection from graffiti style, tattoo look, abstract, bold, colourful and always eye catching!roomten_Limited2012_Lining_Locker_Candy_Framed-002 roomten2012_Lining_GUM_Framed-001600x426

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Design your own lining!

We love individuality, one of the reasons for having a made to measure or bespoke suit is so you can choose your own fabric, lining, design and style. Why not take it one step further and design your own lining? The lining can be abstract or based on memory’s and images. We will help you

Your Designed Lining from £249

Body Coat

Our new slim fit body coat is designed to be very fitted, more so than your usual overcoat which is designed to fit loosely over a jacket. The roomten bodycoat can be worn over a jacket or without, wear casual or formal, classic or flamboyant, you decide? And don’t forget mans best friend, treat your dog to a roomten bespoke dog coat.

Made to Measure Coat from £699

Bodycoat 370

Bespoke Jeans

roomten Tailored Denim is a distinguished new breed of casual wear which marries one of the most iconic items of clothing, the denim jean, with the sartorial elegance of a bespoke suit. The result is a cleaner, sharper approach to denim, with all the eccentricity of traditional British bespoke. roomten provides a denim tailoring service offering bespoke jeans for men and women in fabrics sourced from the Japanese denim capital, Okayama

Bespoke Jeans from £299 Jeans_Stitching

Mix & Match Smart Casual

We are delighted to introduce our new made to measure concept of Smart Casual for Men. Complementing our existing range of classic and contemporary suits and jackets, this new range is designed for those of you that like to dress casually, feel comfortable but still look smart! Whether your tailored garments are for today’s work place, travelling, going out or simply to look good where ever you are, roomten’s new casual range will help you “Dress like you mean it” For more information please request a brochure………. SmartCasual400

Firstly, its important for you and your tailor to form an understanding so the tailor can work out what you want in a suit, what your taste and style is. Your tailor should be

  • Experienced
  • Have passion
  • Geat customer Service
  • Design and Style
  • In-house tailors

He or she will then recommend fabrics and a design for your suit.

Tweed Jacket

Tweed Fabric – Tweed is traditionally from the Scottish Highlands but some of the Italian mills also make great fabrics to rival the Scott’s! Most tweeds are heavy in weight (425gms to 6254gms) but there are also some lighter weights (300gms-400gms) which can be worn all year round. Tweed is a robust fabric, it keeps its shape well and hangs beautifully. Design – Fantastic colours, bold checks and herringbones! We have over 500 tweeds to show, you will be spoilt for choice! Style – Traditional or modern , you choose. Every gentleman should have a tweed suit and a tweed jacket in there wardrobe!   Tweed 400  

Made to Measure Tweed Suits from £999

The Navy Jacket

A Jacket for all occasions – Smart Casual or formal every man should have a navy jacket in there wardrobe! Single or double breasted, light or heavy weight, this jacket will be easy to wear with jeans or a more formal trouser. The jacket below worn by Fab Santino, is a wool and cashmere mix, giving a luxurious feel and look.

made to Measure Jackets from £399

The Navy Jacket 400

Henley Jacket

roomten Henley Jacket – Broad stripe navy cotton fabric, double breated jacket and white buttonsl Great for the summer and summer occasions, very British!


Unconstructed Jacket

Introducing our new contemporary unconstructed jacket. The new roomten block for this product has been specifically developed, resulting in a comfortable and stylish look.

Unconstructed – No shoulder pads, soft shoulder, reduced lining and no canvas results in a much lighter jacket that feels like a cross between a jacket and a jumper.  It’s a pleasure to wear and you will hardly know you’ve got it on.

Fabrics – Wools, flannel, light weight tweed and jersey fabrics will all compliment the “unconstructed jacket”.



roomten Smart Casual Brochure

Mix and match, casual jackets, coats, chinos and 5 pocket trousers! Unconstructed jackets and coats and more………………