Made to Measure Suits London for Men

Work Suit – Made to measure

We believe a well tailored made to measure suits is an essential part of the businessman’s wardrobe and says a lot about the wearer. It reflects the professionalism, good taste and an expression of personal style. There are several elements to consider when choosing a business handmade suit, the quality and practicality of the cloth, the style, cut and fit, and of course a price to suit your budget. We work very closely with the best British and Italian mills to provide you with the best quality, design and best choice!

Made to Measure Suits from £599

Made to measure suits

Fabrics – What to consider

Here at roomten we provide only the best fabrics for our customers, these are sourced from the UK and Italy. When choosing your fabric you need to consider the following:

  • What is the suit for? – Work, event or evening?
  • Where will the suit be worn? Work, hot or cold climates, etc.
  • Durability
  • Weight  – Light 230-260gm – Medium 280-340gm – Heavy 370gm+
  • Design – Plain, stripe, check or something different?
  • Colour –  what colours work for you?
  • Body shape – Tall, short, slim or fuller figure?
  • Budget – Good fabrics don’t have to be expensive.

Once we know the answer to at least some of these  questions we can recommend a range of fabrics to suit your needs and taste. If you want a great looking made to measure suits London that is durable we won’t recommend a fine light weight Italian cloth. But if you need a smart casual jacket for trips abroad then some of our Italian fabrics will fit the bill!

Art in a Suit!

Release the rebel within with our artist inspired linings, add fun, art and fashion to your suit or jacket!

Handmade suits

The theme being your suit on the outside conforms to current accepted styles and rules but on the inside the lining will reflect your style, taste and personality. Designed by artists from all around the world we offer a diverse collection from graffiti style, tattoo look, abstract, bold, colourful and always eye catching!Handmade suits London made to measure suit

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Design your own lining!

We love individuality, one of the reasons for having a made to measure suit is so you can choose your own fabric, lining, design and style. Why not take it one step further and design your own lining? The lining can be abstract or based on memory’s and images. We will help you design your unique lining!

Your Designed Lining from £249

Visiting Corporate Tailor!

If you can’t come to us for your made to measure suits we will come to you! Our Clients comprise mostly of busy professionals, who run tight schedules.

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They recognise the value of personal branding and the benefits that come with creating and maintaining an impeccable first impression. In fact, recent research even suggests that it takes just one tenth of a second for others to make up their minds about you. So, it really is worth investing in the perfect made to measure or bespoke suit, especially within the current climate of increased market competition.

Made to measure suit uk

A Day to remember!

This is possibly the most important day of your life! So don’t mess it up  choose a Roomten made to measure suit made for you,  to your taste, style and personality!

Made to Measure 3 Piece Suit from £1199

Handmade suits London We will help you choose the right fabric from our range of the finest English, Scottish and Italian fabrics, and walk you through every step of the tailoring process. With our help you can rest assured that when the big day comes, rain or shine, at least your suit will be perfect.

What to expect from your tailor?

Firstly, its important for you and your tailor to form a good understanding, this is so you can both work out what you want in a suit, what your taste, style and best fit is. Your tailor should be

  • Experienced
  • Have passion
  • Offer great customer service
  • An interest in design and style
  • Have the back up of in-house tailors

At roomten, we adhere to Savile Row standards when making and constructing your suit, only using the best canvases, linings and materials. We also offer you a large choice of fabrics and will recommend the correct fabric for the job intended. Every customer will have a minimum of 2-3 fittings (more if required), we want you leaving with a great fitting suit

Handmade suits – Fit for a Prince!

The Prince of Wales check fabric is steeped in tradition and history and never goes out of fashion! We have medium and heavy weight fabric options plus some great Italian fabrics that have a contemporary twist on the traditional British design! Prince of Wales Handmade suits Handmade suits

Prince of Wales two piece handmade suits from £699. Alternatively add a waistcoat for a classic 3 piece handmade suits from £899.

New Business Wardrobe

The fabrics chosen for the New Business Wardrobe Package are the finest British Worsted’s, designed for functionality and durability whilst still looking stylish!

New Business Wardrobe Package:

Offer Price: £1,699 » Made to measure Suits x 2 including extra pair of Trousers x 2 »

Made to measure suits London

Add 2 made to measure shirts and 2 ties for £250 »

Add a pair off Barker shoes for £150 Offer Total Price £1949 save £500

Suit of the Moment

Wearing a suit that makes you look like you’ve just stepped out of a scene from the film “Wall Street” might not be your thing? But this classic is back!

Made to Measure Chalk Stripe Suit from £699Made to measure suits

Bold chalk stripe on a dark navy, black or grey in a classic British worsted is a style that is in vogue again. Single or double breasted, board room or office this quintessentially British design looks great!

Purple Suit with a difference!

Going out or smart casual! This purple made to measure suit might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we love it! One of our customers wanted something a little different and this purple check Holland and Sherry fabric  was just the ticket! We added some coordinating fabric on the lapels and pocket flaps to give the suit a unique twist.

Made to Measure Archangel 2 Piece Suit from £1099

London made to measure suits

The cloth is 100% wool, 340gm, looks good and has a luxurious feel with a great drape!

made to measure suit