roomten’s quest to make “the perfect fitted shirt” is an ongoing journey  opening up a whole new world of design and style!

We have an unrivaled exciting range of fabrics sourced from all around the world.  Twills, oxford cottons, herringbone’s are all available plus top quality fabrics such as  sea island cotton, swiss cottons and the best of Italian shirt fabrics. Combine these quality fabrics with classic designs such as plain, stripe and check patterns and you will achieve the professional look that will be the envy of your friends and colleagues.

A roomten made to measure shirt design can express a vast variety of styles and cuts. For instance we have a range of more than 75 collars, 25 cuffs. As well as different fronts and backs .
You can achieve that extra special look with a contrast fabric on the inside of the collar and cuffs, and even contrast button gussets, sleeve vents, button hole stitching, elbow patches and more!


The Process

Design & Style

In your initial fitting we will first discuss with you what you’re looking for in your shirt, gather as much information so we can  start advising you on the perfect style and fabric to suit your needs.

After you’ve selected your fabric you will then go on to the design where you will be shown a number of different collar and cuff shapes. We will recommend the best styles for your needs and explain the differences. You will also get to choose the front and back style of your shirt.

Once the fabric and style is complete you can then start to add finer details to your shirt to make it more personal to you. This will include contrast collars and cuffs both inside and outside, contrast front placket, contrast sleeve vent and many more. You will even be asked if you would like your initials embroidered on the cuff of your shirt

Design Outcome

The synthesis of consultation, measurement, fabric and style. The elements of the shirt are woven together into a unique, tailored design. Each handmade shirt carries its own narrative, its own personality.

shirt design

 The Fitting

Initial Fitting

The Fitting comes next and this is where its important to discuss how you would like your shirt to fit. Whether that be very fitted, fitted with a bit of comfort or a relaxed fit? We will start an in-depth measuring process taking a number of different body and garment measurements. We will then ask you to try on a shirt where we will pin certain parts of the shirt insuring you are happy with how fitted the shirt is going to be made. This will help you to get a feel of what is going to be made for you.

Once we’ve both decided on the correct fit for yourself we will then start to draft your own individual pattern, taking a combination of body measurements and measurements from the shirt you tried on. The shirt is then handed over to our specialist cutter/tailor where it is carefully crafted finally resulting in “the perfect fitted shirt”!

Final Fitting

Once your shirt has been made we will invite you to come for a quick fitting to ensure the fit of your shirt is correct. Any minor adjustments required are carried out on site.

Please allow approximately 5 weeks for your shirt to be made

Price – Made to measure Shirts from £135 – £299

The quest goes on for “the perfect fitted shirt”! We strive to find new and better fabrics. New collars, cuffs and shirt fronts are always being  designed and added to our current patterns.

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600 different fabrics