The Hacking Jacket takes its name from the term ‘Hacking’ which means informal or pleasure riding.  Made popular in the 18th Century when English country folk needed a fitted, robust jacket to use whilst taking a leisurely horse back ride through the country. Traditionally The Hacking Jacket would be made out of a heavy weight Tweed to protect the rider from the elements, single breasted with three buttons and a centre vent allowing the jacket to conform better to the horses back. Slanted flap pockets are normally worn to keep belongings from falling out when leaning forward and to make them easily accessibly whilst sat down.

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roomten’s Hacking Jackets can remain all of the above traditional characteristics, whilst adding your own personal twist. A great way of doing this would be to add contrast pocket flaps and the rear collar in either suede, velvet or cord!

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These Ladies jackets show just a few ways you can personalise your jacket to suit you. The jacket on the left features a more modern two button front with red cord details on the collar and pocket flaps. The jacket in the middle is a more traditional style but has a roomten twist by using a contrasting fabric on the bottom half of the jacket and sleeves, whilst the jacket on the right uses the same fabric on the bottom but is cut on the bias.