Made to Measure Overcoats


Overcoat 100x550pngWhich style would suit you best? How and when do you intend to wear your overcoat? And what’s the best fabric for it? All these questions and more can be answered by roomten and our comprehensive range of overcoats. We have 6 main styles, all of which can be customised using fabrics and design to suit you.

Chesterfield SB/DB

The original and classic business overcoat. Named after the Earl of Chesterfield it was invented in the mid 19th century. It was the start of the coat as we know it today.In general knee length or slightly shorter to give a more contemporary look. Usually in a grey or navy the coat is both traditional and timeless. The contrasted top collar completes the look
Summary: Great coat to be worn for business, formal and smart. Consider medium to heavy weight wool’s and cashmere mixes. Navy, grey and black are the classic colours for this coat.
From £759

Rain Coat

The Raincoat or Balmacaan, known by many names this overcoat has changed style many times. We have developed our own interpretation of this must have garment with simple lines and timeless elegance. Made using one of our specially developed cotton fabrics or change the look using alternative materials such as the navy chalk stripe shown in the picture.
Summary: Great coat to be worn for business and other occasions, worn over a suit when the heavens open. Consider light weight cottons with a special shower proof coating, or using this classic style try a wool fabric, navy chalk stripe, tweed check or maybe a hounds tooth?
From £699

Linings & Trimings

roomten’s range of overcoat linings now includes a quilted range, which not only looks luxurious but adds a layer of warmth to your overcoat. Plus our normal range of paisley, fancy and stylish range. Plus a large range of buttons from mother of pearl, horn, leather and brass!

Ulster Coat

The coat was made popular in the Victorian period, originally with a cape it was a heavy coat typically in tweed. The Ulster is traditionally knee length. A double breasted coat with a notch lapel completed with patch pockets with flap and a half belt. A robust and heavy duty overcoat well suited for cold winters.
Summary: Great coat for all occasions. Suits a taller person as the coat is worn below the knee. Consider medium, heavy weight wool’s, also tweeds are a great option for this coat, you can have fun with this so be creative!
From £899

Pea Coat

The Pea Coat is believed to have originated from within the Navy. Its style can vary but the traditional look is characterized by its short length, broad lapels, double breasted front, buttons under the collar and slanted side pockets. With a warm quilted lining the Pea Coat provides protection even in the roughest seas!
Summary: This coat is generally worn casually but can still be worn in a business environment. Consider medium to heavy weight wool’s and
cashmere mixes. Navy ad grey are the classic colours for this coat. But feel free to experiment with a vibrant tweed check fabric!
From £799


roomten have a comprehensive range of coat fabrics from 100%cottons to 100% Cashmere and everything in between!
Weights ranging from 900 to 235 gm’s. We stock a huge range of fabrics including Holland & Sherry, Harrison’s, J&J Minis, Dugdale’s, Ariston, Vitale
Barberis and more…………..

Covert Coat

The sporty brother of the Chesterfield, tailored from Covert cloth, this heavy tweed would traditionally range from light green to a tan brown but more contemporary are Navy and Grey. The Covert coat is easily recognized with the rows of stitch detail to the cuff and hem.
Summary: Great coat to be worn for business, formal and smart. If you are slightly shorter in stature like myself this coat is a great option as it tends to be shorter in length than the Chesterfield. The classic covert coat is made from a military twill fabric about 440 gms in weight, colours are generally green, tan, grey and navy but you can also be creative with this coat and do your own thing!
From £799

Unstructured Coat

We have developed this overcoat over the last 3 years, styled to be simple but elegant. This coat does not have a canvas, padding or lining, it has a lighter, looser more casual feel to it. Ideally wear with jeans or casual trousers, great option for the weekend! Its popularity continues to grow.
Look smart and feel casual!
Summary: Great coat to be worn casual but can be worn for business too if you like the less structured look. Consider medium to heavy weight wool’s
and tweed fabrics. Length is generally shortish and the fit is slim, but its your coat so you choose!
From £699