Autumn/Winter, The Roomten Way

A work wardrobe can, after a while, look tired and outdated if not refreshed every once in a while. Some suit styles are timeless and some, unfortunately, do not stand the test of time. Here at Roomten we understand that fashions come and go but suits will always remain a staple of any working wardrobe. We’ve put together this small guide to give you some inspiration this Autumn/Winter for your perfect made to measure suit.

Autumn Winter Colour Palette

This season, the high street and the catwalk have seen an abundance of autumnal colours. Below is a list of seasonal colours we here at Roomten believe would still create a classic suit but with a twist;

Brown- brown suits are making a comeback from their hayday in the 1980’s. Brown suits really shouldn’t be shyed away from as they are a fantastic smart casual seasonal option.

Camel/ Beige- Camel and beige tones have always been popular for a smart casual look, and this remains the same as we come into Autumn/Winter 2017. As an overcoat, the camel colour signifies elegance and luxury. As a jacket, it becomes the perfect colour to match with everything in the wardrobe!

Dark Green- stated as ‘the’ colour of Autumn/Winter 2017, dark green is a fantastic seasonal colour that seems to reappear year after year. A fantastic colour option for an event suit, it is becoming increasingly popular for Dinner suits.

Aumtum Winter Prints

Here at Roomten we understand that for a work suit, the fabrics and prints used should be subtle. This Aumtum/winter is all about prints that add just a little ‘something’ to your plain fabric.

Herringbone- A fantastic simple option for a suit, herringbone will always remain a classic choice for work attire.

Overcheck- more suited to a smart casual work attire, the overcheck can be dressed up or down and gives an element of fun to the suit or jacket. Overcheck is a large check, sometimes laid over the top of a smaller check to give a stark contrast.

Pinstripe- the pinstripe has officially made a comeback,. The pinnacle of power dressing, a fine pinstripe gives the suit a luxurious and smart look. In both a single and double breasted style, the pinstripe is a classic that every man should own.

Chalkstripe- much like its pinstripe counterpart, the chalkstripe has regained its popularity. Wider than a pinstripe (it’s in the name really!), chalk stripe gives a lovely contrast and will never fail to be smart.

Prince Of Wales Check- a timeless classic, the POW check has been in style for decades. This check comes in many different colour options and tones, so whether you want a loud print for a social event or a more subtle look for work, the POW check will never go out of style.


With any garment whether it be a suit, overcoat, shirt or shoes, the fabric is the most important component. Every fabric is unique in it’s properties as you may well know and at Roomten we have a vast selection of fabrics that produce the highest quality of garment. Below are our favourite Autumn/Winter fabrics that we highly recommend.

Alpaca Wool- Alpaca wool seems to be everywhere this Autumn/Winter, and there’s reason for it to be. Alpaca wool contains hollow fibres, which make it even warmer than sheeps wool. It is a hypo-allergenic as it doesn’t contain lanolin as many of other types of  wool do and as if it can’t get any better, Alpaca wool is also highly water-resitent and softer than cashmere!

Flannel- Flannel is the perfect fabric for any seasonal garment. Soft to the touch and great at insulating heat, it is one of Roomten’s go-to seasonal suit fabrics, year after year.

Tweed- Not just for country wear, tweed is a fantastic seasonal suit fabric option. Tweed is not only fantastic at regulating body heat but is of course highly water-resistant. With a wide range of colours and patterns, tweed can be as loud or as subtle as you choose.

Cashmere- Much like Alpaca wool, Cashmere is also a hypo-allergenic wool. Warm to wear and soft to the touch, Cashmere is a luxury fabric that has an incredible finish to it. Cashmere also boasts the property of having natural stretch to it, unlike many of other wool types.

We hope this short guide has given you some inspiration for your seasonal wardrobe. Here at Roomten we are always open to enquiries about all of our Made to Measure and Bespoke services.

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